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Ways Bed Bugs Get Into Hawaiian Businesses

We have quite a variety of businesses in Hawaii. Each business has its own unique challenges when it comes to keeping bed bugs out; it would be impossible to cover them all in this article. There are also many ways bed bugs can get into a business. We're going to touch on several of them, but this will not be a comprehensive resource. Our goal today is not to cover all the ways bed bugs can get in, but to give you some valuable insight to help you better understand where bed bugs live and how they spread from one location to another. This will provide you with the knowledge you need to make an educated guess at all of the ways bed bugs might get into your Hawaiian business. Does that make sense? Great. Let's get started.

Where Bed Bugs Live

The most important fact you can know about bed bugs is that they don't live outside. These are indoor bugs. When you find bed bugs in your business, you can know for sure that they didn't come from the grounds outside of your business. Therefore, barrier treatments and exclusions will do nothing to address the source of your infestation.

Bed Bugs Spread Through Structures

If you own a building that has several offices, an apartment complex with several units, or any structure that houses more than one business or residency, bed bugs can spread through the building. The good news is that they're not going to spread like wildfire. While bed bugs can get into wall voids and go from one interior space to another, they're actually more likely to be carried from office to office or apartment to apartment.

Bed Bugs Often Live In Furniture

Most businesses have furniture, and bed bugs are usually found hiding in furniture. You probably know this, but what might surprise you is that bed bugs don't just hide in mattresses, box springs, and bed frames. They can be found inside couches, chairs, the recesses of old hardwood furniture, and in the voids within any furniture item. When furniture items are moved from one location to another, bed bugs can travel with them.

Bed Bugs Can Be Found In Other Items

As we consider bed bugs being transported in furniture items, it is important to understand that these bugs aren't limited to furniture. They've been found in a wide range of items. When these items are brought into your business, bed bugs can come with them.

  • Alarm clocks, computers, and other electronics that have voids within them
  • Clothing, curtains, and other fabrics
  • Bookbags, pocketbooks, duffel bags, sleeping bags, and luggage
  • A piano, guitar case, or the hollow space in a guitar
  • The bindings of hardcover books
  • And more

An Infestation Can Start With A Batch Of Eggs

Bed bugs can transport from one location to another as adults, nymphs, or as immature nymphs inside eggs. If an item has eggs tucked away inside a crease, or clinging to a fabric surface, it can be difficult to see them. A bed bug egg is only 1mm long, and female bed bugs tend to lay their eggs in tight spaces such as in the seams of a mattress. If you want to find bed bug eggs in a mattress or box spring, use a debit card or some other tool to drag along the seams and bring the eggs to the surface.

Bed Bug Prevention

The world is a busy place. People go from home to home, business to business, home to business, business to home, office to office, and more. As people move about, it is possible for bed bugs to move with them, it is very difficult to prevent this. At any time, bed bugs or their eggs can be carried into your business. There are only a few ways to stop them without making your customers or your employees feel like they're being interrogated by Homeland Security.

  • In structures that have more than one business or residence, take the time to meticulously seal interior gaps to deter bed bugs from easily traveling through the structure. Keep in mind that this is not complete protection. Bed bugs can climb through the holes in an electrical outlet.
  • Do a detailed inspection of any used items you purchase for your business. If you see black specks, brown stains, or find shed skins and tiny white eggs in recess, creases, and cracks, have the item treated before bringing it into your business.
  • Teach your employees about bed bug inspections to reduce the chances of having them bring bed bugs to work.

Professional Bed Bug Inspections In Hawaii

If you want the best protection possible, consider routine bed bug inspections done by a bed bug control specialist. Our team can help you catch bed bugs early and quickly address these insects before they can damage your reputation. Reach out to us today to request a consultation. We are Hawaii's bed bug experts.

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