The Most Effective Way To Protect Your Hawaii Business From Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can threaten almost any business in Hawaii. These insects don't just infest hotels and resorts. They've been found in a surprising variety of businesses—even businesses that don't have beds. Don't let the name fool you. Bed bugs don't just infest beds. But, of course, businesses in the hospitality industry are at greater risk. While we can't measure the risk for your business, we can tell you the most effective way to protect your Hawaii business from the threat of bed bugs.

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Know Your Enemy

If you don't understand how bed bugs spread, these insects can catch you by surprise. There are a few key factors to consider when it comes to detecting bed bugs early.

  • Bed bugs hide in cracks, crevices, recesses, and other tight spaces. They have a preference for being in any location that allows them to be compressed.

  • Bed bugs prefer the dark. You're not likely to see these insects in the light of day. You need to inspect dark places with a flashlight to find them.

  • Bed bugs hitchhike into your business. No amount of pest control around the exterior of your business will have an impact on bed bugs. These bugs are carried in.

  • Bed bugs don't just feed at night, or just on sleeping people. A bed bug can feed during the day on a person who is fully awake. All the bed bug needs is exposed skin and the cover of darkness.

Tricks And Techniques

It isn't easy to uncover bed bugs. If you inspect an item for bed bugs, you're going to have to look in places that are hard to inspect. As an example, when inspecting a mattress or box spring, run a debit card along the seams to uncover shed skins, eggs, or insects. A visual inspection is likely to let you down. Also, be sure to inspect other furniture, electronics, and carrable items, such as bags, luggage, or pocketbooks. Don't limit your search to beds. Bed bugs have been found in a surprising variety of places, including the binders of hardback books. You likely need to dig in cracks, gaps, crevices, and recess to uncover evidence.

Warning Signs

It is important to know the warning signs of an infestation. Catching these signs early can help you deal with the infestation before it causes harm to your reputation.

Bites: When bed bugs bite, they often cause a unique pattern on the skin. The bites will be concentrated in one area because bed bugs feed together. The bites will look like they follow a path across the skin, because each bed bug feeds, walks forward, and feeds again.

Stains: When bed bugs feed, they often leave excrement or blood stains. The excrement of bed bugs is black. It may look like specks, streaks, or soaked patches. Blood stains may be alone or with the black stains. You're most likely to find blood stains after they have dried. So, you're not looking for red stains. You're looking for brown or tan stains.

Smells: Bed bugs release a pheromone that is unpleasant. If an infestation is large enough, you may smell the bed bugs. This scent can be described as a damp towel from a locker room.

Professional Assistance

Bed bugs are difficult to detect and even more difficult to exterminate. The best way to protect your Hawaii business is to contact Bullseye K-9 Detection. We offer expedient and effective bed bug detection through the implementation of canine bed bug detection. Dogs have a powerful sense of smell. They're able to detect bed bugs in all stages of development. When bed bugs are found, it is possible to isolate them, target them, and eliminate them discreetly. Once those bugs have been treated, our trained K-9 Detectors can give you peace of mind by letting you know that your business is no longer infested with bed bugs.

Bullseye K-9 Detection is the best option for bed bugs because we specialize in the treatment of these insects. We are currently the only standalone bed bug service provider in Hawaii. Reach out to us today for bed bug extermination or to start a proactive program to protect your business. We're standing by to assist you.


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