The Best Way To Deal With Bed Bugs In Your Honolulu Business

They're sneaky. They're creepy. And they're lured out of their hiding places at night by the carbon dioxide you exhale. They're called bed bugs. If you've found them in your Honolulu business, you may be more than a little concerned. These tiny insects can harm your reputation in a big way. Today we're going to take a look at the best way to deal with bed bugs in Honolulu, and why this way beats all the others.

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The Pitfalls Of DIY Bed Bug Treatments

If you go to the internet in search of solutions for bed bugs, you'll get a lot of suggestions. Some will come from internet "experts" who aren't experts at all. Some may come from people who work in the pest control industry. Some can come from product manufacturers, or a representative of one of these companies. Who can you trust?

The Experts

Do you remember the commercial with Dr. Rick Webber from the popular daytime drama, General Hospital? In it he said the notorious line, "I'm not a doctor, but I play one on TV." Well, there are a lot of people who play "expert" on the internet, and they provide advice on many topics, including how to get rid of bed bugs. Unfortunately, many of the tips they provide won't help you with your bed bug infestation, they'll only prolong it. The long list of natural remedies, such as vinegar, diatomaceous earth, bean leaves, and handmade traps won't attack the source of your problem, only the symptom. If you use these to control bed bugs in your Honolulu business, you'll be able to say that your bed bug treatments are all natural, but your customers won't care about that when they find these bugs. 

The Professionals

When you take to the internet to learn about bed bug control, you're likely to find lots of resources from professionals. These will give you a long list of treatment options that can work to arrest your bed bug issue, such as heat treatments, dusts, mattress encasements, etc. Unfortunately, it isn't easy to get rid of bugs even when you use what works. Heat treatments, as an example, can fail to kill bed bugs, and merely drive them into the walls, and ultimately, into another location within the structure. Mattress encasements can trap bugs in and keep bugs out, but they won't prevent bed bugs that are hiding in bed frames and other nearby hiding places from getting a meal. Bed bug control is a process that should be performed by a professional.

The Manufacturers

In your search for a solution, you can find videos produced by pest product manufacturers, or resources from representatives that use a manufacturer's product(s) to arrest bed bug infestations. These typically talk up the strength of these products and spend little time discussing all of the ways these products can fail when they're not applied properly. It isn't the fault of the manufacturers. Many of these products do actually work. But, to achieve the desired results, they have to be applied strategically to get deep into the cracks and crevices where bed bugs hide, and they have to keep bed bugs from avoiding, or getting away, from the treatments.

What Works To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

If you find bed bugs in your Honolulu business (or you would rather not find them) contact the bed bug experts at Bullseye K9 Detection. We specialize in bed bug control. Our service professionals utilize canine bed bug detectors to locate areas of infestation. After treatments are done, they are used to ensure that all bed bugs have been eliminated. The bed bug treatments we apply are selected to address the specific level of infestation and to counteract the unique challenges of each environment. The methods we use are field-tested and have a high success rate.

Bed bugs are a serious issue in Honolulu and they can strike a variety of businesses. Get rid of bed bugs and keep them out of your business by reaching out to Bullseye K9 Detection. We know what is required to address this unique pest problem. You don't have to let the bed bugs bite.


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