Six Signs Of Bed Bugs In Your Hawaii Business

The number of bed bug infestations in Hawaii continues to rise. Infestations are popping up in what you might think are surprising locations if you're not aware that bed bugs aren't just found in beds or that they can get a blood meal from a person who is fully awake. These insects are resourceful. If they get into your Hawaii business, they can create a nightmare for you. It is important to catch them quickly and eliminate them before they can present a threat. Here are six signs to look for.

bed bug on box spring

1. Bed Bug Sightings

Your greatest weapon in the war on bed bugs is identification. It is vital that you learn how to recognize them and that you teach your employees how to recognize them. This can be complicated because bed bugs don't all look the same. Young bed bugs do not look like adult bed bugs. Fed bed bugs do not look like unfed bed bugs. Even male and female bed bugs look slightly different.

When bed bugs first hatch, they are nymphs, not larvae. So they have six legs, two antennae, and three body parts, just like the adults.

  • Newly hatched bed bugs are pale in color and transparent.

  • A newly hatched bed bug will have a bright red abdomen if you find it feeding on your skin.

  • As a nymph grows, it will become tan in color.

  • You may clearly see the black feces inside the abdomen of nymphs.

  • Adult bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed and are shaped a little like an apple seed. Males have more of a pointed apple seed look than females.

  • Adult bed bugs have horizontal crease lines on the abdomen.

  • If an adult bed bug has had a blood meal, it will appear bloated and have more of a pill shape.

2. Shed Insect Skins

A bed bug will shed its skin several times as it develops. These skins are mostly going to be found in tight spots where bed bugs are congregating together. Keep in mind that a dozen bed bugs can be in a spot that is smaller than your thumbnail.

3. Dried Blood Stains

Sometimes bed bugs excrete a little of the blood they have collected. This can cause tan or brown stains to appear on fabrics. Some mistake these for urine, but bed bugs don't urinate.

4. Fecal Stains

Bed bugs leave feces in the areas they congregate, and sometimes in areas they explore. If you see tiny specks of black, they could be bed bug droppings. When you find black feces in cracks, seams, or around the stitching of upholstered furniture, it is likely that you have bed bugs for sure.

5. The Scent Of Bed Bug Pheromones

It stinks to have bed bugs. Not just metaphorically, but literally as well. If you have an infestation in a small, dark room, you're likely to smell something off in that room. This smell can be compared to a used, moist, locker room towel.

6. Bed Bug Bites

When bed bugs bite, they usually leave a recognizable pattern on the skin. If you know what this pattern looks like, you may be able to detect bites on your employees.

  • Look for three, raised red welts in a row.

  • Look for red welts that have a rash associated with them.

  • Look for several bites that seem to follow a path across the skin.

The Best Way To Prevent Bed Bug Infestations

These insects are hitchhiking pests that can come into your business on your employees and on your customers. Your exterior and interior pest control measures will do nothing to stop them. The only way to prevent bed bug infestations is with routine inspections. We can help you meet this challenge. 
At Bullseye K9 Detection, we rely on trained dogs to detect bed bugs. Dogs are able to move quickly through businesses and detect areas of infestation without disturbing the environments they pass through. They're also more effective at detecting bed bugs than a human inspector. They use their sense of smell almost like x-ray vision. There is no better way to protect your Hawaii business from the threat of a bed bug infestation.
If you have questions, or you'd like to start service, contact us today. At Bullseye K9 Detection, bed bugs are not just one of many pests we deal with; we specialize in bed bug detection and control. When you need a bed bug expert, we're the company to call.


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