How To Tell If Your Dallas Business Has Bed Bugs

When bed bugs get into a residence, it doesn't take long before bed bugs make their presence known. These are miserable pests to live with. As a business owner, finding out that you have bed bugs after they've had time to make your customers, guests, tenants, or residents miserable is not the best way to go.

Today, we're going to offer up several tips to help you find bed bugs early. While the best way to proactively detect bed bugs before they cause misery is to invest in routine K9 bed bug inspections, we understand that not every business owner can afford to do this. Use these tips to detect trouble and contact us if you find bed bugs.

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Tip 1: Look For Obvious Signs

Before we discuss where to find bed bugs hiding in your business, there are a few ways you may be able to easily detect them. You can look for these warning signs before you disturb beds or furniture.

  • Fecal spotting or blood stains on sheets, pillowcases, bedding, furniture, and curtains that are near beds, couches, and chairs.

  • Insect skins in gaps, cracks, creases, stitching, and recesses.

  • A scent that is similar to the smell of a musty towel.

Tip 2: Inspect Beds

Now that you've done a cursory inspection, let's look at where to find bed bugs in the places they hide. The place bed bugs prefer to live is in beds. While they are certainly not limited to living only in beds, inspecting beds is a good place to start. Here are a few suggestions to help you do this properly:

  • Inspect the cover on the bed before removing it. Look for the signs listed above.

  • After removing the mattress cover, inspect gaps and hiding places on the mattress. Bed bugs will be drawn to the gap in the seam around the mattress. If the mattress has a label, bed bugs might get under this label.

  • Lift the mattress up slowly. Examine the top of the box spring and then examine the bottom of the mattress.

  • When inspecting the box spring, explore the seam first.

  • Lift the box spring up and inspect the bottom. This is the most common place bed bugs are found hiding. They can be under plastic clips. They can be hidden in material that is folded or has a pocket. They can be inside the box spring hidden behind wood slats. Look closely for black feces, brown blood stains, shed skins, tiny white eggs, or the presence of bed bugs.

  • Inspect the frame that the box spring sits on. It is possible for bed bugs to be hiding in this as well. If you see holes or gaps, shine a light in and look for any movement.

Tip 3: Inspect Furniture

Bed bugs can feed on humans when they are fully awake. It is wise to check couches and upholstered chairs thoroughly. If you have a business that does not have any beds, this is an even more important step.

  • Look in seams and creases. You may need a probing tool like a debit card or a butter knife.

  • Carefully lift cushions and look underneath.

  • Inspect every gap in the body of the furniture.

  • Turn the furniture over and inspect underneath. Once again, this is where bed bugs are most likely to be found.

Tip 4: Inspect Any Item That Has A Void

Bed bugs can live in electronics, appliances, wood furniture, and other items. All they need is a void to hide inside. Do a quick examination of any items that are near beds or upholstered furniture. Black streaks may be seen on these items if bed bugs are inside. You may also detect bed bugs by shining a light into crevices.

Professional Bed Bug Detection

The best way to detect bed bugs is to invest in a professional inspection. It also happens to be the easiest way. When you reach out to Bullseye K9 Detection, not only will you get an expert inspection, but you won't have to pull beds and other furniture apart looking for bed bugs. Often, neither do we. Our technicians can move through many rooms without disturbing anything. They use trained dogs to detect bed bugs. Dogs have an incredible sense of smell which is used to detect blood at crime scenes, gunpowder in ammo, drugs, and more. This ability acts like radar and allows for very accurate detection of bed bugs within a room.

Routine Bed Bug Inspections For Your Dallas Business

The best possible protection for your Dallas business and for your reputation is to schedule routine inspections. Bed bug problems are growing in the United States, and Dallas is not exempt from the impact of these miserable pests. Connect with us today so we can help you set up K9 bed bug detection for your business. It is far better to catch these insects early than it is to deal with the fallout of a bed bug infestation.


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