What are the prices for your services?

Bullseye's goal is to give each customer a customized plan. Each service plan takes into consideration your home or business, special treatment and surrounding environment. We are  familiar with the local bed bug pressures and bed bug elimination needs so pricing is unique to every client based on these factors. Your highly trained pest specialists will be able to inspect your premises, assess the situation, develop scientifically proven customized solutions, implement these solutions and continue to monitor the situation to achieve long-lasting results.

Do you provide bed bug extermination service? If so, how much does it cost?

For a customized quote please contact us so we can better serve your bed bug extermination needs.

What can I expect during an Bullseye Service visit?


  • A thorough bed bug inspection should include inspecting all relevant bed bug areas as determined by the inspection team.
  • An exterminators best friend is our K-9.  The K-9 helps them to locate and see insects and harborage areas around the structure.  Other common tools that may be used: telescopic mirror, flashlight, blacklight and a probing tool.
  • Following the inspection, the inspector will review their findings and create a customizable treatment plan that is best suited for the needs of the structure.  The customized treatment plan will include how to eliminate conducive conditions, education review and a personalized bed bug management plan for ongoing protection.


What should I look for in a bed bug extermination provider?

Many homeowners, renters, landlords and business owners can help prevent the spread of bug bugs through education and preventative measures. However, once bed bugs are detected it is suggested that you contact a professional immediately.

You should select a bed bug exterminator the way you do any other service - Look for Quality and Value.  Costs and competency are important. When selecting a pest control service, cost should not be the only factor that determines the company you pick.  It is important to make sure the company you choose is competent.