Dallas Bed Bug Treatment

The insect, Cimex Lectularius, are commonly called bed bugs. These are small, flat, oval insects that creep in the night to feed on a sleeping person. Being flat and only 1mm to 7mm small, they can squeeze in any crevice or hole in the house without being detected and now they can be found in millions of homes. In order to get rid of these pests one should carry out Dallas bed bug treatment to make their house free from such threat.

There are a lot of methods by which we can carry out Dallas bed bug treatment. However, before taking any action to exterminate bed mites we need to find out where these pests breed and live. The basic indicator about their existence is the dark fecal spots that can be seen on your mattresses. You may also trace skin sheds of these bugs in your room. One of the best and easiest ways to get rid of bed mites is to paint your furniture. This substance will sip-in to the cracks of your furniture, and will seal these pests for good.

Dallas Bed Bug Treatment

Dallas Bed Bug Treatment

When it comes to Dallas bed bug treatment, one should not just concentrate on the area where bed mites are found. It is best to treat the whole area fordless bed bug treatment to be effective.

Dallas Bed Bug Treatment Tips

1.Buying used furniture should also be avoided. If you can’t avoid using furniture from a garage sale, then you need to inspect it thoroughly before taking it inside your house.

2.Bed bug treatment that you need to do in order to avoid infestation is to seal all the cracks and voids in your home.

3.The next step would be to place all your furniture under the sun for several days. This is said to be one of the best bed bug treatments available because it is free and very easy to do.

4.Make sure that you vacuum every inch of your house when doing this step in order to make your bed bug treatment absolute. This process will ensure that adult bugs will be dead, and eggs will be swept from your house.

5.Cryonite is the main CO2 product in the market designed to kill bed bugs. Cryonite freezes the fluid in the insect’s cells and cause instant death. The cells crystallize when the insect cools to -20 °C to -30 °C. The snow is -78.8°C (110°F). CO2 snow evaporates and becomes CO2 gas when it hits surfaces at normal temperature.

6.In extremely severe infestation, fumigation is the best bed bug treatment. This bed bug treatment kills the pests at all stages in the life cycle. Fumigation gases remains in the air and are easily spread over a wide area. Lethal fumigants include methyl bromide, sulphur dioxide, propylene oxide, sulfuryl fluoride and aluminum phosphide. Asphyxiates, carbon dioxide and liquid nitrogen are classified as fumigants.

7.Exposure to high temperatures. Bed bugs are known to die when exposed to high temperatures of 120 degrees Fahrenheit or 49 degrees Celsius. They also freeze to death at temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 degrees Celsius.

8.Vacuuming of all carpets, furniture, and cracks is a practical bed bug treatment.

9.Thoroughly launder all affected clothes using hot water.

10.Encase an infected mattress in plastic or specific bed mite mattresses cover. These covers trap these pests.

11.Treating the area with insecticides specifically aimed towards bed mites.

12.Contacting a pest control agency specializing in Dallas bed bug treatment.

Benefits of Dallas Bed Bug Treatment

1.Kills bed bugs at all stages in the life cycle.

2.Can be applied to the whole room.

3.It is the ideal treatment for severe infestation.

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