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Why Bullseye K-9 Detection Should Be Your First Call When Bed Bugs Are Found In Your Fort Worth Business

March 12, 2020 - Bed Bugs

At the first sign of a bed bug infestation, you should call Bullseye K-9 Detection. Failing to do so doesn’t just put your employees and customers at risk; it puts your business at risk. Learn the importance of working with Bullseye K-9 Detection when you find bed bugs in your Fort Worth business.

The Importance Of Using A Professional

Bed bugs are pests that can destroy a business in the blink of an eye. Because they are small and can hide in furniture, picture frames, and other crevices, they are hard to find. This makes exterminating all of your bed bugs with DIY methods a difficult task. If you don’t know where to look or you don’t have the right tools, you’ll leave behind some bed bugs or bed bug eggs. It will only be a short time before they breed and take over your business once again. Here at Bullseye, we literally sniff out bed bugs.

Why You Need To Act Quickly

You could wait to resolve your problem, but things will only get worse. A bed bug infestation isn’t a matter to take lightly. They can bite customers, which can cause an allergic reaction and discomfort. Although bed bugs can thrive in the cleanest of environments, many individuals associate these insects with filth. If your customers find bed bugs, they may begin a campaign against your business. As word spreads about your bed bug problem, you will lose customers.

What Makes Bullseye Standout?    

Bullseye isn’t your average pest control company. Our bed bug-elimination process uses highly-trained dogs and handlers to identify bed bugs. Although traditional companies perform thorough inspections, their search is limited to visual signs of bugs. The dogs at Bullseye use their powerful sense of smell to identify invisible signs of bed bugs.
Everything starts with the inspection. When the handler shows up, they take their canine through your business. If they confirm that there is a bed bug infestation, they formulate a plan for eradicating the bugs. We don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach.
Because eliminating bed bugs is so challenging, most pest control companies need to return within 30 days to retreat the problem. But Bullseye has only ever had one call back for an infestation. We’ve perfected the art of bed bug elimination and we tend to get rid of them the first time around.

Professionalism At Its Best

Having seen how bed bugs can destroy businesses, we treat each service call with the professionalism it deserves. From the moment we take your call to the final minute of your treatment, we’re highly professional. Our staff conducts inspections rapidly enough to keep your business running smoothly. Additionally, we promptly respond to calls and get a technician out to you as soon as possible. No one should have to wait to have an infestation treated. Time only compounds the problem.

Why Waste Your Time And Money?

Every minute your business spends with bed bugs is a minute that puts your livelihood in jeopardy. If a customer discovers a bed bug, word will spread quickly. It’s crucial that you treat the issue before your reputation is affected. By working with Bullseye, you can take comfort in knowing that your infestation will be treated quickly and effectively. You lose less money because you won’t need to lose customers or close your business for an extended period. Furthermore, you won’t need to spend money on treating the same problem over and over again.                                           
Don’t put your Fort Worth business on the line. Make Bullseye K-9 Detection your first call about bed bugs and it will be your only call. Reach out to us to learn more about your bed bug control options today.

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I’ve found bed bugs 3 days ago. Don’t know what to do but call to Bullseye K-9 Detection. They came to my house very quickly and provided an effective solution for my issue. Recommended these guys for sure! 

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