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Transportation & Bed Bugs: What Everyone In Oahu Ought To Know

August 14, 2020 - Bed Bugs

Oahu is a magical land of sea-faring adventure and exotic fun. Visitors quickly understand why vacationers in Oahu rarely want to leave. Unfortunately, however, there are other common residents, or rather, unwelcome guests, that also prefer to never leave Oahu: bed bugs. But the more you understand about these pests, the better chance you’ll have at keeping them out of your Oahu business. You’ll also be more equipped to deal with the situation once they’re in.

Hanging On For Dear Life

When you’re at the bus station or caught in the airport terminal, you might feel a little cramped, claustrophobic, or even germophobic. But there’s something else to worry about in these transportation hubs: bed bugs. That’s right. Bed bugs only existing in hotels and motels is a dangerous misconception. There may not be a bed in sight, yet you’re actually at high risk for picking up bed bugs in these high-traffic areas.

You see, it’s all because of a bed bug’s ability to hang on to anything it comes into contact with. Since it’s hoping to use you as its next meal source, it’s going to hang on pretty tight until you reach your destination. These pests might only be 5 mm from end to end, but they can travel anywhere they want to if they find someone to bring them. Because of their ability to hitchhike on clothing and luggage, they can be transported all around the world.

Think about going to a hotel room. The first thing people do is put their luggage on the bed. Big mistake! If you discover later that there are bed bugs in the room, they could already be tucked away in your suitcase and be ready to travel back to your house after the vacation. Even if you switch hotel rooms, it might be too late.

As bed bugs cling to belongings, they can be transferred to other people through close contact, so crowded transportation hubs are a hotspot for bed bug transfer. Another high-risk activity for bed bug transfer is bringing used furniture into your home. The previous owner probably only checked the surface of the mattress, couch, or seat, but they failed to check the inside for bed bug eggs or live bugs. You think you just got a great deal on Facebook Market, but what you actually got was a bed bug infestation in your house.


Being aware of how easily bed bugs can crawl into your luggage or onto your clothing is very important for travelers. But it’s also essential knowledge for anyone who manages one of these transportation hubs. With the health risks that come along with a bed bug infestation, which range from skin irritations to serious insomnia, it is an establishment’s duty to ensure that it’s patrons are protected as effectively as possible from bed bug contact. A few ways to reduce the risk of travelers incurring a bed bug infestation in a bus/train station or airport terminal include:

  • Running the hub efficiently to avoid stagnant foot traffic
  • Consistent and thorough cleanings of the space
  • Instructional signs encouraging proper luggage handling/safety practices

Unfortunately, even hubs that stick to these practices can’t always avoid bed bugs. Try as you might, there is no 100% effective way to prevent bed bugs in these environments. The most effective method of prevention is to trust the pros. For guaranteed bed bug prevention and control assistance, contact Bullseye K-9 Detection. Their professional pest technicians are ready to provide guaranteed bed bug protection and eradication services at your convenience.

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