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Should I Consider Professional Bed Bug Control For My Texas Business?

August 30, 2022 - Bed Bugs

Summer is a busy time for businesses. The year is in full swing, people are going more places, and it is the ideal time to get things done. However, while business may be booming, you might run into unforeseen snags. Pests like insects are primarily a problem in summer, and bed bugs are one that most businesses don’t see coming. Bullseye K9 Detection offers commercial pest control in Texas. We want to help you with your do-it-yourself bed bug dilemma.

DIY Bed Bug Control Tips For Business Owners

Bed bugs cause the worst types of infestations because they are expert hiders, they can wait for weeks or months for the right moment, and their bites are usually felt after they’ve moved on from the site. Preventing and keeping aware are the best ways to control bed bugs. Some prevention tips are:

  • Inspect upholstered items like office chairs and couches.
  • Have carpets vacuumed regularly.
  • Train your staff to recognize the signs of a bed bug infestation.
  • Pay special attention to common areas and areas with fabric, linens, or upholstered items.

As specialists in local bed bug control in Texas, we know that problems with these insects lie in their numbers and their ability to quickly set up new hidden nests. We recommend actively checking for them. DIY products promising to eliminate a problem are not going to work unless every bed bug is eliminated and you make consistent, thorough follow-up efforts.

Pros And Cons Of Professional Bed Bug Treatment

A lot of people prefer to handle their own problems, but with bed bugs, it’s highly unlikely it’ll be effective. The difference between how pest control can kill bed bugs and how business owners can do it lies in technology. We at Bullseye K9 Detection have dogs that can sniff them out in every location so none of the pests persists. Professionals also use techniques and technology that could be dangerous to human health or cause fire hazards if misused. 

The pros of professional service:

  • Complete peace of mind. Professionals check up to make sure they’ve done the job right.
  • No hassle.
  • Professionals eliminate the entire bed bug population. If one is left behind, an infestation will likely start up again in a few weeks.
  • Believe it or not, it will be less expensive than effectively doing it on your own. After trying time and again with DIY methods, costs will stack up and the bed bugs will still be there.

The cons of professional service:

  • You may lose a business day if the infestation is bad enough.
  • You will need to allow access to facilities.

Due to the size and scope of most infestations, there isn’t any certain natural pest control for bed bugs. Anywhere they can hide, bed bugs will hide. 

Preparing Commercial Space For A Bed Bug Treatment

If you’ve hired bed bug control, you’ll want to prepare for treatment. Steps you should take include:

  • Let the professional know where you saw the bed bugs.
  • Let them know if anyone moved anything between rooms.
  • Don’t remove any items that could carry bed bugs.
  • Let the professional inspect any bags or personal items that were left in the room.

Bed bugs get in everywhere. If something was left unattended, a nymph may have entered and nestled in. Professionals need to know as much about the infestation as possible so they can make sure the bugs aren’t hiding out elsewhere.

Looking For Professional Help With Bed Bugs?

At Bullseye K9 Detection, our trained canines help find every spot the bed bugs are hiding. Thanks to the canines' heightened senses, your inspection will go more smoothly and more thoroughly than with other professional methods. We promise to eliminate every last bed bug on the property before we call our duty done. Give us a call today and we can give you same-day service.

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