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I Think There Are Bed Bugs At My Job In Dallas; What Can I Do?

February 15, 2022 - Bed Bugs

Of all the pests that cause trouble for Dallas homeowners, we think the ones that bite people while they sleep are the worst. If you didn’t know, bed bugs are a common and invasive species of blood-feeding insects that regularly cause trouble for homeowners in our area. If you are waking up and finding bite marks on your skin or are noticing other suspicious things, you might be dealing with an active infestation of bed bugs. And there is a chance you are bringing these pests home from work. To help you out today, here is how to identify bed bugs and how to get rid of bed bugs if they are inside your Dallas workplace or in your home.

How Bed Bugs Get Into Dallas Businesses

Something many people ask is: how do bed bugs travel? It is actually quite simple. To get around, bed bugs hitch rides on items people carry. They find items to hop onto by sensing heat and smelling carbon dioxide. This gives these pests a good indication of things people have interacted with recently. If bed bugs are crawling around your Dallas business, they are probably there because a worker brought them inside. Because infestations spread via items, it only takes one infested briefcase or backpack for problems to occur. Something you should keep in mind is that bed bugs need people to sleep (or stay still in a dark area) in order to feed on them safely. Unless you work at a place that is dark and gives people beds or places to rest, your business can only host bed bugs in transit and not sustain an infestation for long periods. 

How To Check Your Dallas Work Place For Bed Bugs

When bed bugs infest an area, they often leave signs behind to indicate their presence. What are the signs of bed bugs that you can use to identify these pests around your place of work? Well, the number of clues you will find depends on how often bed bugs are feeding. After bed bugs feed, they may dribble blood around sleeping areas. These pests then defecate near areas where they are hiding, such as around baseboards, outlets, and inside furniture. Other signs these pests leave behind include eggs, a musty odor in the air, and shed skins. If these pests are in your place of work and you do not provide people with dark places to sleep or rest, the best way to identify them is with a professional inspection courtesy of Bullseye K9 Detection. 

Bed Bug Precautions Employees Can Take In Your Dallas Office

Protecting your work environment from a bed bug invasion is incredibly important. All it takes is one person to start a chain reaction of infestations. Our recommendation is to ask employees to check their homes for signs of bed bugs and have infestations handled immediately. Some great ways to avoid bed bug infestations outside of work include checking hotel rooms for infestation, not setting items down for more than 20 minutes in public places, and checking used items like furniture and clothing for signs of bed bugs before buying them.

Contact A Dallas Professional Bed Bug Control Service Right Away

If you or anyone you know is dealing with bed bugs or you think these pests are inside your home, do not hesitate to contact the experts at Bullseye K9 Detection. As our name suggests, we use highly trained bed bug-sniffing dogs to identify bed bugs with incredible accuracy. If a problem is found, we will use advanced bed bug control techniques to remove these pests from your living areas.

Call us today to learn more about our bed bug control plans and schedule your Dallas home or business for a service visit. 

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