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How To Prevent Bed Bugs In Your Dallas Workplace

November 15, 2021 - Bed Bugs

You’ll do everything you can to keep your Dallas workplace protected against external foes. From storm damage and security concerns to the safety of your clients and customers, you’ve spent hundreds of hours doing whatever you can for the people you care about. 

So when a bed bug infestation appears in your Dallas workplace, you’ll need to consider new ways of protecting your commercial facility from pests

Before we talk more about the dangers of Dallas bed bugs, it is crucial that you understand the truth about their infestations. It is a widespread misconception that bed bugs only infest dirty workplaces, although this is not true. Bed bugs can infest any commercial enterprise at any time and appear almost anywhere. This includes office buildings, tech companies, and more. 

Bed bug infestations usually begin with just one or two bugs. While traveling through a bed bug hotspot, people and pets may unwittingly come into contact with an adult vector. Bed bugs ‘hitchhike’ home on bookbags, luggage, and articles of clothing, waiting for the perfect time to find a new hiding place. If they are able to bed down inside your workplace successfully, a full-on infestation may occur within the next few weeks. 

Let’s explore some of the reasons bed bug infestations reach commercial enterprises and some of the ways to keep them away for good. 

Protections And Precautions Against Potential Bed Bug Problems 

Bed bugs are highly dependent on human activity and rarely wander too far. For this reason, bed bug hot spots are usually found near high-density travel locations, including train stations, bus terminals, airports, and other common places. 

Here are a few ways to avoid picking up a bed bug problem while traveling: 

  • Try not to put your briefcases or baggage down while in any bed bug hot spots. If possible, store these on a tall rack far above the floor or in your lap. 
  • Bed bugs can quickly spread between employees and their items in an office setting simply by crawling on the floor. For this reason, it is a good idea to keep personal possessions separate and implement an open-door policy to disclose home infestations. 
  • Teach your employees how to identify a potential bed bug problem. Keep on the lookout for spotting, feeding blots, exoskeletons, or extremely sweet scents. 
  • Employees who regularly work with bedding or linens may have a higher risk of carrying infestations, as bed bugs will have more places to hide and breed. In this case, it is imperative to allow the entire disclosure of bed bug suspicions from employees and managers. 

If you suspect you need additional help dealing with a bed bug problem, do not hesitate to call Bullseye K-9 Detection immediately. 

Why Dallas Home And Business Owners Trust Bullseye K9 Detection With Their Bed Bug Needs 

With over 20 years of industry experience, the professionals behind Bullseye K-9 Detection understand that commercial enterprises need inspections, mitigations, and treatments you can count on. Our certified K-9 experts and trained local professionals have everything you need to get and stay 100% bed bug-free.  

Find out why hundreds of commercial businesses in Dallas rely on Bullseye K-9 Detection for fast and accurate protection against encroaching bed bugs. Learn more by calling our primary office or by submitting an online contact form at your earliest convenience.  

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