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How Do I Know If It's Bed Bugs At My Fort Worth Business?

March 15, 2021 - Bed Bugs

Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) are small parasitic insects that feed on the blood of humans, and some other mammals to a lesser extent. They have a reddish-brown color, an oval-shaped body that may extend to ¼ of an inch, and six legs. Although these pests pose minimal risk to human health, they’re still a massive nuisance, creating skin irritation, leaving trails of blood and excrement, and quickly tarnishing a business’ reputation.

Misconceptions Regarding Bed Bugs

Some people mistakenly assume that bed bugs are drawn to dirty areas that are not routinely cleaned. This is a fallacy, as these pests are simply attracted to any location that supplies their food source — humans and animals. 
Another misconception is that bed bugs are a problem that exists only in residential settings, or businesses that have beds such as hospitals or hotels. These bugs will exist in any type of location and are most commonly carried in by people within clothing, suitcases, and other personal belongings.

Bed Bugs Activity In A Business Environment

After being introduced to a commercial location, bed bugs will venture out and hide in crevices such as in baseboards, carpeted areas, or other dark or tight spaces around furniture. Bed bugs may go hungry unless someone takes a nap in the workplace. 
These bugs may begin to bite people while they work, particularly if working in a dimly lit space. Bed bugs may forage through an employee’s belongings and “hitchhike” home with them. Once these pests are introduced, they tend to reproduce and worsen the infestation.

Possible Signs Of Bed Bug Intrusion

Bites from bed bugs often create patterns of small dots that irritate the skin. Also, these bugs often feed together, meaning their bites commonly appear in clusters.  As bed bugs travel, they often leave tiny blood stains and small black specks of their excrement. Larger infestations of bed bugs may create a noticeable, pungent odor.

Tips For Preventing Bed Bugs

  • Clean the premises thoroughly and vacuum carpets regularly
  • Remind employees that travel overnight for business to inspect hotel rooms upon entering
  • Minimize clutter that could serve as hiding spots for these pests
  • Inspect boxes or other shipped items to detect any signs of bed bugs
  • If bed bugs are discovered in the workplace, inform all staff and educate them on the best practices for prevention

Importance Of Seeking A Bed Bug Treatment Professional

Some businesses will attempt to take matters into their own hands by purchasing sprays, powder, kits, and other purported DIY solutions to rid the property of bed bugs. The problem is that these products are generally unable to identify concealed pest hiding spots or destroy their eggs entirely.
A professional pest controller will create a comprehensive plan that will efficiently address all of these concerns. Certain businesses including hotels, nursing facilities, and hospitals should consider having a year-round program that involves preventative treatment executed by licensed personnel.

Experienced Bed Bug Extermination Services In Fort Worth 

Business owners in Hawaii understand how bed bug invasions can adversely harm your reputation. These problems can be particularly devastating to those operating in settings such as hospitality, long-term care, and property management. It is important to seek assistance from local professionals promptly when signs of an infestation are found.
Bullseye K-9 Detection is an established pest control company that specializes in bed bug detection and elimination. After using canines that are highly trained to inspect the premises, our team employs effective methods including heat and chemical treatment to thoroughly and quickly eradicate the problem. Contact us today for a free inspection.

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