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Hawaii's Ultimate Guide To Prevent Bringing Bed Bugs Into Your Business

September 15, 2020 - Bed Bugs

We tend to only think of pests and how to prevent them when they’re a problem during the day when we can see them or the evidence of their activities. But pest prevention is also about what happens in the night out of sight, and nocturnal parasites like bed bugs can make your dreams not so sweet. Here’s how you can avoid encounters and stay protected from bed bug infestations.

What Do Bed Bugs Do?

Bed bugs are tiny almost undetectable parasites that feed off the blood of sleeping mammals. That means us humans, and our lovable pets, too. Their nighttime feedings leave behind small red welts on the skin, usually found in clumps or lines. While people are well aware that bed bugs can infest mattresses and blankets, they don’t often think of how bed bugs get introduced to a property in the first place. Bed bugs are, essentially, hitchhikers that start outdoors and cling to clothing, skin, hair, or belongings until they find a ride to where we live and work.

Bed Bug Hotspots

Since we are the most likely rides into our home or business for bed bugs, it’s important to know what places are hotspots for bed bug populations:

  • Hospitals: While they have strict sanitation standards at most medical facilities, even regularly cleaned areas can become infected, especially high-traffic areas where people come from all over.
  • Hotels: A whole lot of beds in one building means plenty of nesting grounds for bed bugs looking to thrive.
  • Lodging areas are naturally big targets for bed bugs. Transport hubs: Airports and bus stations are also high-traffic areas where bed bugs can congregate and disperse far and wide.
  • Schools: These are another place where people come from hundreds of different households. Just like lice, bed bugs can be easily introduced and quickly spread through schools.
  • Outdoors: While bed bugs are typically only known as nuisances once they infest human areas, they can be found outside just like any other bug. They wait on tall grasses or vegetation for people or pets to brush past.

How Do Bed Bugs Get Brought Inside?

Not only can bed bugs cling to you or your garments, but they can also hide in used or secondhand items. Here are ways to avoid tracking bed bugs back to your property:

  • Personal inspection: Especially after stints in populated areas, you should carefully inspect your clothing and skin for bed bugs that might be clinging to hairs or fabrics. Be sure to check pets and loved ones and pay special attention to areas where skin folds.
  • Item inspection: Whenever making purchases of second-hand or used items, thoroughly inspect them before purchase and before bringing them onto your property.
  • Property inspection: Only a trained pair of eyes truly knows everywhere to look for these parasitic pests. Local experts can provide peace of mind that your property has been thoroughly checked for bed bugs.

For Total Protection, Trust The Professionals

No pests are welcome, but the worst are the ones that feed on us while we’re helpless to do anything about it. Rather than have to deal with a bed bug problem after the fact, it’s better to take the proper prevention steps early and enlist the help of local professionals. At Bullseye K9 Detection, our proven prevention methods and solutions for quick elimination will help you sleep soundly. Even if bed bugs haven’t moved in, we can help you defend against future infestations.

For total bed bug protection, trust Bullseye to hit the mark.

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