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Hawaii Lodging Managers’ Complete Guide To Bed Bug Control

November 30, 2021 - Bed Bugs

Hawaii has been considered a haven of rest and respite for decades. As the vacation capital of the Americas, our island community is tasked with housing, feeding, and entertaining millions of travelers each year, particularly during the summer months. It’s a fast-paced job that requires excellent attention to detail and lots of planning, particularly for lodging managers and their teams. 

But one thing these managers can’t plan for is the arrival of bed bug infestations.

Bed bugs are increasingly common pests in the Hawaii area. Spreadable simply from travel, these pests can appear almost without warning and surge during the most popular months. As you might imagine, the bed bug’s ‘hitchhiking’ patterns integrate very well with hotels, motels, and B&B methods of operation, making them significantly more susceptible to infestations

Here are a few ways to train your staff on how to spot a burgeoning bed bug problem: 

  • Dark brown excrement spots around chairs, upholstery, and more 
  • Bright red feeding blotches could appear where customers spend the night, usually around beds and bedsheets 
  • A sweet odor that does not go away after the cleaning process 
  • Catching sight of a bug or two after performing the credit card test 

If you believe there may be a bed bug problem in your Hawaii lodging, reach out to the professional team behind Bullseye K9 Detection right away. If you are in the clear, it may be wise to consider implementing some helpful bed bug prevention steps. 

Best Tips For Bed Bug Mitigation In Hawaii 

Before you implement any bed bug prevention steps in your commercial building, bear in mind that it can prove to be both difficult and time-consuming. No form of prevention can ever be 100% effective, especially for lodging establishments. Nevertheless, it is essential to attempt some prevention steps that can stop severe infestations from arising. 

Here are some tips for the mitigation of bed bug problems in Hawaiian overnight lodgings: 

  • Ensure that all your guest’s linens are washed, dried, and steamed at the highest possible heat settings. 
  • Be sure that all your rooms are vacuumed thoroughly and regularly. 
  • Maintaining some ongoing bed bug control can be extremely helpful for mitigating the onset of a serious infestation. Rely on a local agency such as
  • Bullseye K9 Detection to defend your property on a year-round basis. 
  • Teach your team members how to identify a bed bug infestation. Annual training may be enough to equip the team, teaching them how to find, identify, and report all potential bed bug sightings. 
  • Perform the ‘credit card’ test regularly. Scrape a hard-edged object (such as a credit card) between the corners and edges of plush furniture. If bed bugs scramble out, you may have discovered an infestation. 

If an infestation is discovered in your building, there will be no reason to panic. Instead, you should reach out to the professional team behind Bullseye K9 Detection. 

Exterminate Bed Bugs Without Fear With Bullseye K9 Detection 

Prompt extermination of a bed bug infestation is critical to lasting security. That’s why the crew at Bullseye K9 Detection has been offering foolproof identification and treatment programs for several years and counting. 

To learn more about professional bed bug control in Hawaii, contact the pest control experts behind Bullseye K9 Detection. We’re here to help Hawaii’s lodging managers get total relief from marauding pests. 

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