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Can I Keep Bed Bugs Out Of My Hawaiian Business With Essential Oils?

June 15, 2021 - Bed Bugs

The success of your business in Hawaii depends on your reputation, and if there's one thing that can ruin a reputation, it's bed bugs. If you're interested in keeping these pests out, you need to take matters into your own hands. Some means of bed bug prevention are more effective than others, so it's crucial to use the right method. Find out if using essential oils is the key to protecting your business.

Why People Turn To Essential Oils

Certain pests in Hawaii are relatively easy to keep out of your business. However, bed bugs are almost impossible to keep out. They seek out both clean and dirty establishments, as long as there's a warm body inside for them to feed on.

No amount of cleaning will keep bed bugs out of your property. Bed bugs feed on human and animal blood, which makes your business appealing to them regardless of how much you clean your surfaces. People often turn to old wives' tales and urban myths to find bed bug prevention methods.

And so, business owners turn to things like essential oils to keep these pests away. Although you may have heard that essential oils are a way to deter bed bugs, this is simply a myth.

Essential Oils Are Not Effective

In short, essential oils aren't a way to keep bed bugs away from your property. The USDA performed a study on using essential oils to repel bed bugs, and the results were surprising. Bed bugs didn't seem to mind when essential oils were used.

In some cases, the oils were slightly effective at deterring pests. During the study, bed bugs seem to dislike blood orange oil, spearmint oil, and paraffin oil. However, it was not effective enough to completely repel the parasites. Without using another method, your business is still under the threat of bed bugs.

What Actually Works To Keep Bed Bugs Away?

If essential oils won't protect your business, what will? There are a few measures you can take on your own to keep bed bugs away, but they're no substitute for professional assistance. All of the following may help to deter bed bugs:

  • Know What They Look Like
    At the first sign of a Hawaiian bed bug infestation, you should call the experts. But how can you know you have a problem if you don't know how to identify bed bugs? They're small insects that are usually reddish-brown. About the size of an apple seed, bed bugs are difficult to see. The nymphs are only the size of a pinhead, which makes them particularly hard to spot.
  • Check Rooms Regularly
    If you don't regularly check your rooms for bed bugs, you could end up with an infestation. Look underneath your mattresses, in your furniture, and even in picture frames. Always be on the lookout for bed bugs and teach your staff how to search for them.
  • Dry Sheets On The Highest Heat Settings
    Because bed bugs can't stand extreme heat, one way to eliminate them is to dry your sheets on the hottest setting. If you have an infestation, doing this won't get rid of every bed bug. However, it may get rid of a few hitchhikers. Bed bugs also can't survive in extreme cold, which makes freezing your sheets somewhat effective. Of course, that's not the most practical way to keep these pests at bay.
  • Use A Mattress Cover 
    To deter bed bugs, keep all of your mattresses and box springs in sealed covers. These aren't completely impenetrable to bed bugs but can be somewhat effective.

Call An Expert

On your own, you don't stand a chance against bed bugs. Your business is in danger, so contact our professionals at Bullseye K-9 Detection for help. Our highly trained technicians can treat your property. We have specialty heat treatments and a team of specially trained canines to accurately locate bed bugs. Call us today at Bullseye K-9 Detection for a free inspection!

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