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Bed Bugs: Hawaii's Most Common Hitch-Hikers

When it comes to hitchhiking pests, bed bugs in Hawaii are unmatched. You shouldn't be surprised when you find bed bugs in your Hawaii business, but unfortunately, this does tend to be surprising. These bugs are tricky to detect and control.

Today, we're going to take a look at the ways these sneaky insects spread from one location to another and discuss a few examples of how bed bug pest control in Hawaii works to tackle this complicated pest control problem.

All The Ways Bed Bugs Can Spread

How do you get bed bugs? The answer is simple: People bring them into your business. But there are many ways a person can bring bed bugs into your business, such as:

  • Bed bugs can lay eggs in clothing. If an employee or customer has an infestation at home, this is a likely way that they'll bring bed bugs into your business.
  • Bed bugs crawl into boxes, bags, pocketbooks, and many other items. When these items are transported, bed bugs can be transported with them. If employees or customers carry a box or bag into your business, bed bugs could be inside.
  • Bed bugs can live inside household goods. When you acquire mattresses, box springs, upholstered furniture, wood furniture, or electronics, bed bugs can be inside.

The first step in bed bug prevention is realizing that it is impossible to prevent bed bugs or bed bug eggs from being carried into your business. There is no way to fully exclude bed bugs. The best you can hope to do is catch bed bugs early and deal with them quickly.

Does Vacuuming The Office Help Keep Bed Bugs Away?

Bed bug control in Hawaii begins with you and your staff. Routine vacuuming is one of the ways you can prevent problems with bed bugs. If an employee or customer brings bed bugs into your office workspace, vacuuming cracks and crevices may remove them before anyone notices. While vacuuming is not enough on its own, it does have an impact.

Here are a few other preventative measures you can take to keep bed bugs away:

  • Perform routine inspections to detect black fecal spotting, shed insect skins, tiny white eggs, and other signs of bed bug activity. Search furniture, cracks, crevices, and tight spaces.
  • Teach your staff about bed bug detection and general tips that help to prevent bed bugs from transferring between bags, pocketbooks, and other variables.
  • Steam clean rugs and upholstery periodically.

When you actively work to prevent bed bugs in your office spaces, you create an environment that promotes productivity.

Will High Heat Kill Bed Bugs In Hawaii?

We're often asked, "Does heat kill bed bugs?" The answer is yes. Heat kills bed bugs in all stages of development, and it provides natural pest control for bed bugs. Unfortunately, heat must be applied correctly in order to be effective. You can't just put a space heater in a room to kill the bed bugs in that room. It won't be enough. Bed bugs can run from the heat or hide in cold spots within the room. Professionals use field-tested methods to apply heat effectively.

Total Bed Bug Control For Hawaii Business Owners

If bed bugs are a challenge for your business and you need local pest control for bed bugs, it pays to have an expert handle the development and execution of your bed bug action plan. At Bullseye K9 Detection, we have the experience and expertise to give you the highest level of service.

  • Bed bugs aren't just one of many pests we deal with. Our service team deals exclusively with these pests.
  • We have experts on staff to guide our team toward the best bed bug control solutions every time.
  • We use specially-trained dogs to locate bed bugs with 90 percent accuracy, and they do it much faster than human inspectors.
  • Our canine inspection process works to uncover the smallest of bed bug infestations.
  • We use a range of products and methods to get the best results for each unique infestation.
  • We develop a bed bug-prevention plan that provides long-term protection for your business.
  • Our service specialists guide you in your efforts to keep your employees and customers informed of how bed bugs behave, how they spread, and to also alleviate the fears associated with the bugs.

Bed bugs can appear at any time. There is no way to fully exclude them from your business. The best solution for this tricky pest problem is proactive inspections, targeted treatments, staff training, and an active effort to inform your customers and employees.

For more information about bed bug pest control in Hawaii, reach out to us. Our service specialists are looking forward to helping you find the right bed bug control plan for your specific needs and budget.

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