All The Ways Bed Bugs Can Find Their Way Into Your Hawaii Business

There is a common conception that bed bugs are attracted to dirty businesses, but this is not the case at all. First, bed bugs aren't attracted to dirty habitats. Dirty habitats attract flies, cockroaches, and other pests that are drawn to decay. Second, bed bugs are hitchhiking pests. They don't live on your property or come into your business through cracks in your exterior.

Today, we're going to break this down into quick nuggets, so that you'll have a better idea of how bed bugs might get into your Hawaii business. If you have an urgent need for bed bug pest control in Hawaii, hop over to our contact pages for immediate assistance.

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Sealing Holes & Cracks Doesn't Help With Bed Bugs

Before we get into how bed bugs find their way into Hawaii businesses, let's talk about the one way that they don't. Bed bugs are not outdoor bugs? They live almost exclusively indoors. So, where do bed bugs come from? They come from other indoor locations where infestations have taken root. Why is this important to know? At the heart of every commercial pest control plan is perimeter pest control.

A licensed applicator will treat the exterior of the structures on your property with products that work to keep pests out. Since bed bugs don't live on the ground around your property or explore your perimeter, standard pest control service will not keep them out. You need a specialized service plan that works to stop bed bugs before they can become a problem, and it is best to go with a company that specializes in bed bug control, like Bullseye K9 Detection.

What Causes Bed Bug Infestations?

Now that you know how bed bugs get into your business, let's talk about what causes a business to have bed bugs. Obviously, it isn't the fact that the business is dirty or in disrepair. These are myths. Bed bugs don't choose your business. They're introduced by accident.

  • They can be brought in by customers or employees who have bed bugs at home.

  • They can be brought in by anyone who picks them up on the way to your business. Infestations have been found in buses, taxi cabs, and even airplanes.

  • You can bring bed bugs in from home, from public transportation, or from another public venue.

  • Bed bugs can come into your business inside a piece of used furniture.

The first step in guarding your business against an infestation is to learn where bed bugs hide, and what you and your staff can do to detect warning signs. You are on the frontline. When bed bugs accidentally find their way into your business, you might be the first to see them.

You and your staff need to know how to identify bed bugs and the signs they provide. You should also be made aware of natural pest control for bed bugs. An infestation might be correct by putting sheets and bedding through a 30-minute dryer cycle.

Do I Need To Call An Exterminator For Help With Bed Bugs?

There are two parts to this answer. First, you shouldn't wait until you're dealing with the misery of a bed bug infestation before you contact a bed bug expert. Routine inspections and targeted treatments are the best way to stop these insects and minimize the damage when they're found by a customer or employee.

Second, bed bug infestation should be dealt with by a trained and experienced professional. Bed bugs have been plaguing humans since the dawn of human history. They're wired to elude extermination. If this were not the case, they would be extinct. If you want to avoid the fallout that can occur, it is best to have this pest problem handled by someone who understands how bed bugs behave.

Professional Bed Bug Removal Services In Hawaii

If you came here wondering about local pest control for bed bugs, allow us to tell you a little bit about ourselves. At Bullseye K9 Detection, bed bugs aren't just one of many pests for which we offer treatments. We are experts in this field of pest control. The heart of what we do is in the name. We perform bed bug inspections with trained dogs.

A well-trained dog can be used to detect ammunition, drugs, blood at a crime scene, the scent left by a missing child, and more. Our trainers use K9 inspectors to sniff for bed bugs. Bed bugs release a pheromone that is quite unique. Dogs can pick up on the scent quickly - much faster than a human inspector can find these pests.

A high-quality K9 Inspection can locate bed bugs before treatments and help technicians focus on areas that need treatment. They may also be used after treatments to make sure no bed bugs remain. Would you like to learn more about K9 Bed Bug Detection in Hawaii? We'd love to speak with you. Reach out to us today for a consultation.  


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