All The Problems Bed Bugs Can Bring To Your Dallas Office

Bed bugs are well known for plaguing hotels and motels. These are hot spots for bed bug infestations. But bed bugs are able to infest a wide range of businesses, including office spaces. An office space is a unique environment for bed bugs because they don't have access to sleeping humans. They must feed on humans that are fully awake. This can be tricky, especially for a bug that doesn't like to be exposed to light. What tends to happen is bed bugs are continually brought into an office space from an outside source of infestation and are introduced to several locations within the office space, without actually living and breeding in the office. This can make it appear as though the office is teeming with bed bugs when it actually isn't. In the right conditions, bed bugs can infest an office, but they need dark rooms or employees that are staying late at the office. Whether an infestation is able to take root or grow is somewhat irrelevant. Bed bugs can create many problems whether they infest or they just keep popping up. Here are a few problems they'll create and what you can do about these problems.

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Low Employee Morale

If your employees think that bed bugs are infesting the office, it can lead to poor morale. This isn't good for any business. You can prevent this drop in morale by properly informing your employees of a few facts about bed bugs.

Bed Bug Facts

  • These bugs don't live on the ground outside of the office building. An infestation is not the result of poor pest control around a structure.

  • Bed bugs don't choose to infest an office space. These insects spread passively. They climb into items that are carried and they are brought from one location to another. They are not the result of a poorly maintained office space.

  • Bed bugs can be brought in several times from an outside source. This makes it hard to keep them out.

  • Bed bugs are not known to spread diseases. While they are certainly disturbing pests, they are not considered a health risk.

It is best to be proactive about bed bugs so that employees will not be as disturbed when these insects appear. Consider developing a bed bug action plan. This plan can include:

  • Documents that give employees facts about bed bugs, including tips on how to detect these insects and their warning signs.

  • A step-by-step guide for how to deal with bed bugs when they appear, which should include contacting a licensed professional for a bed bug inspection.

  • Information about how your employees can detect bed bugs at home and arrest an infestation. This will prevent them from continuing to bring these insects to work with them.

Bad Impression With Customers

If a customer detects bed bugs in your office, or learns that bed bugs have been found in your office, it can impact your relationship. Your best chance of preventing the fallout that can come from this is to train your employees to respond appropriately to bed bug problems and to quickly address concerns if a customer notices a bed bug or the warning signs bed bugs leave around. An informed employee is less likely to complain about an infestation and is better equipped to address the nervousness of a concerned customer.

How Bullseye K9 Detection Can Help

There is no better way to put your employees and customers at ease than to have Bullseye K9 Detection come in and do a quick inspection. Our trained dogs can sniff out bed bugs in all stages of development. This allows us to quickly locate where bed bugs are hiding, and apply targeted treatments to eliminate them. We can also give you expert guidance in how to manage the ongoing threat bed bugs can present to your business.

If you have an office in Dallas, contact Bullseye K9 Detection at the first sign of bed bug problems. We have the experience and expertise to support your business with the most advanced bed bug inspections and treatments available in the industry. Don't let bed bugs cause problems in your office space. Reach out to Bullseye K9 Detection for guidance. We're here to help.


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