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A Helpful Bed Bug Prevention Guide For Hawaii Business Owners

Bed bugs are relatively new in terms of pest control issues in Hawaii. We've only been dealing with these pests for about two decades so there is still a lot that you may not know about them. Today, we're going to cover basic facts about bed bugs in Hawaii that every business owner should know, we'll share some bed bug prevention tips, and tell you how professional bed bug control works to stop these bugs before they cause trouble. If you've found bed bugs in your business and you need to connect with pest control in Hawaii immediately, you can quickly reach out to us through our contact page. Now, let's talk about bed bug prevention.

Even If There Are No Beds, Your Business Can Get Bed Bugs

It is a common belief that bed bugs only plague businesses with beds. It makes sense, right? Unfortunately, this is far from the case. As experts in bed bug pest control in Hawaii, we've found bed bugs in many businesses that don't have beds. Why? It is because bed bugs can bite people while they're fully awake.

They have an anticoagulant in their saliva, just like mosquitoes, ticks, and other pests do. This allows them to feed without causing discomfort. A bed bug only needs ten minutes to get a meal, and it can get it any time of the day. It is, however, more difficult for a bed bug to get a meal during the day because bed bugs have an aversion to light.

The Problems Bed Bugs Can Create For Your Business

Are bed bug bites dangerous? No. There is no current indication that they are. But, most people don't like these insects at all. That can be dangerous to your business. The good news is that bed bug fears are connected to a lack of information. If you provide information when bed bugs are brought to your attention by customers and let your customers know that you have a plan to deal with those pests, you can alleviate most fears. It is also good to know how to check for bed bugs and how to identify bed bugs so that you can catch them early and prevent customers from seeing them.

Simple Bed Bug Prevention Tips To Implement In Your Business

The focus of DIY bed bug control is knowing how to find bed bugs, identify bed bugs, and how to clean bed bugs up in infested areas.

How To Check For Bed Bugs

Bed bugs hide in cracks, creases, and compressed spaces. In many cases, you're going to have to use a probing tool to find them. Some common trouble spots are the seams of mattresses, the labels on mattresses, box spring frames, couch frames, and tight spaces in furniture. As you check for bed bugs, look for black excrement. You may see fecal spotting, black streaks, or tiny black specks.

How To Identify Bed Bugs

If you find bed bugs, you might not know it. Baby bed bugs look quite a bit different than adult bed bugs. When bed bugs hatch, they are about 1mm long and pale in color. As they grow, they take on a tan coloration and eventually become rusty brown. But these colors vary depending on whether a bed bug has had a blood meal or if it has lots of black feces in it. Adult bed bugs sometimes appear black, not rusty brown. This could throw you off. It helps to know that, in all stages of development, bed bugs are shaped like an apple seed. It also helps to know that you'll find these bugs surrounded by black feces, shed skins, and tiny white eggs in areas of infestation.

How To Clean Bed Bugs Up

When you find a group of bed bugs, be sure to have a vacuum with you. Suck the bed bugs up and dispose of the bag outside. If any escape or you find bed bugs in a spot where they are difficult to reach, contact Bullseye K-9 Detection for assistance.

What To Do If Bed Bugs Find Their Way Into Your Business

We said it once, but it bears saying again: Are bed bug bites dangerous? No. They're not. Mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas are much more of a threat than bed bugs. But that doesn't prevent people from fearing bed bugs. So, while you might not be bothered by bed bugs, it is likely that your customers will be.

If you find bed bugs in your business, it is wise to consult with Bullseye K9 Detection for what options are available for bed bug control and prevention. We employ industry experts and offer the highest level of bed bug management in Hawaii. Reach out to Bullseye K-9 Detection to get more information or to meet with one of our bed bug control specialists. Don't let bed bugs threaten your business.

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