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Need a fast solution to a bed bug problem? We are here to help! Heat Pest Services Dallas is the also the service we provide. Whether you have found only one bed bug or you have a long term infestation, Our Heat Pest Services Dallas can handle it. Our Heat Pest Services Dallas treatments are guaranteed to eliminate the bed bugs.

We use specialized equipment to safely heat the entire infested area to lethal temperatures. We are not simply focusing on the mattresses, the entire space gets heated.

Heat Pest Services Dallas

Hire Heat Pest Services Near Me In Dallas

Our heat reaches areas where liquid treatments can not. This process kills of all bed bugs and eggs in the furniture, walls, floor, and ceiling. This is very different approach than most pest control companies use. Our goal is not “control”, our goal is elimination. Our Heat Pest Services Dallas offers benefits with every heat treatment single family homes and others as well.

If you are worried that you might have an infestation, Heat Pest Services Dallas gives you an effective way to eliminate these pests from your home. Companies that favor this pest control method use a non toxic approach that goes through mattresses, cracks in the wall, and other areas where the insects like to hide. Unlike some of the other common techniques used in the industry, the thermal approach kills the pests at all stages of their growth cycle, meaning you will only need to do it once.

Need of pro Inspection

The first step we take is to send one of our highly trained technicians to look at the situation. The visit typically takes 20-30 minutes. Heat Pest Services Dallas is designed to attack and kill the bug known as Cimex lectularius. This bug is small, oval in shape, and thrives in the dark with tips on how to hire an exterminator.

They like to stay near their primary food source, which, unfortunately, happens to be blood. Like mosquitoes, these insects are blood-suckers, and they make life miserable for anyone unfortunate enough to have them in their home. DDT, a now-banned pesticide, was effective as cleaning much of the country of this infestation, but it came with its own problems. Now these creatures are back on the rise, much to the dismay of travelers and those in high-infestation areas.

After we see the situation we can give you a proper recommendation. Heat Pest Services Dallas can be performed immediately in some cases. Other cases require some minimal preparation. Call us today to schedule the consult regarding Heat Pest Services Dallas.

We make sure that the heat treatment in in your budget, also we offer a liquid treatment. This is a more prolonged extermination process. It may take few days or longer for all of the bed bugs to be eliminated unless we use heat. The eggs are not killed by liquid applications. It takes time for all of the bugs to come in contact with the treated areas. Liquid can only be applied in certain areas such as cracks and crevices and may not reach all bed bug hiding places. Heat Pest Services Dallas method is effective, however it takes longer for the pests to disappear.

Bed bugs are resistant to most pesticide applications. Luckily, they are not resistant to HEAT. We use special equipment to heat the entire area to 150 degrees. We can heat one room, one floor, or the entire home. The entire space gets hot, not just the seams and cracks.

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The heat penetrates through furniture and walls to kill the bed bugs where they are hiding. The Heat Pest Services Dallas kills of all bed bugs within hours. We provide various benefits with heat treatment of whole home.

Our Heat Pest Services Dallas company specializing in bed bug treatment. We use a heat treatment process to eliminate bed bugs. We care about our customers and our employees choose us the get the best services.

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