Bed Bug Inspection

It is a good idea to incorporate a bedbug check added to the normal Bed Bug Inspection before buying any old home. However it should be warned that bedbugs have a feeding cycle which lasts between five to seven days. So to get an idea about their activity, it is important to use monitoring device for longer periods. Inspection usually last for 2-3 hours, so the result may not corroborate the actual condition of the house.

Bedbugs, as the name implies are commonly found in beds and seats. Those who are planning to check out their homes for bed bugs presence by themselves are advised to remove the bed sheets and thoroughly check the upper as well as lower seams of the mattress. In addition don’t forget to inspect the seams which run along the headboard.

One should also inspect the box spring’s upper seam which many contain the insects or black pigmentation that indicates their droppings. Other places which can be a good hiding place for bedbugs include cracks of bed frames, head-boards, sofas, loose wall paper, smoke detectors, telephones etc.

Bed Bug Inspection

Bed Bug Inspection

Let’s, understand how to conduct a Bed Bug Inspection like pro, using tools around the house. Don’t worry, if you don’t have these tools on hand, you can grab them at the nearest hardware or home improvement store.

Inspection tools:

1. Gloves
2. Flashlight
3. Magnifying Glass
4. Flat-Head Screwdriver
5. Small Staple Gun (or Flat Thumbtacks)
6. Crevice tool
7. Compressed air
8. Screwdriver
9. Small tool kit
10. Alcohol, cotton swabs/baby wipes
11. Sticky traps
12. Gloves, soapy water, cloth and sponge
13. Mirror with handle
14. A notepad

Bed bug inspection checklist

1. Remove curtains and drapes from the window and place them in plastic bin bags and seal the bags tightly.

2. Remove all bedding, pillows and cases from the bed and place them into plastic bags. Seal the bags tightly before transporting them to the laundry room.

3. Empty drawers, closets, night stands, wardrobes and tables and place belongings into plastic bags. Seal the bags tightly.

4. Place clothing, coats and shoes into plastic bags. Seal the bags tightly before removing them to the laundry room.

5. Place all loose clothing (e.g. garments found outside the dresser) into plastic bags and launder as per laundry instructions below.

6. Remove all items from underneath the bed and on the floor and place them into plastic bin bags and seal the bags tightly.

Quick Tips on Where To Inspect

1. Seams of mattresses – Bed Frame
2. Bed Board
3. Furniture
4. Electronics
5. between Carpet & Baseboards

Mattress Inspection

Inspect the mattress and bedding. Pay careful attention to edges near the wall and dark areas. Continue the search until you find bed bugs. Check along the tufts, seams and piping of the mattress, under button and folds of the material, check along the piping material sown to the edges and underneath the handles and labels. Check beneath the mattress and box spring and between the platform and frame. Inspect bed bugs inside seams and rips of the vinyl plastic that covers the mattress.

Box Spring Inspection

Slowly lift and inspect the points where the box spring rests on the bed frame to avoid scattering the bed bugs. Remove the box spring from the bed frame and inspect underneath. Inspect inside the fold of material at the top surface of the box spring. Check along seams and areas where the material is tacked Frame. Gently turnover the box spring, remove the thin cloth layer on the underside and inspect it. Inspect beneath and around staples and tacks on the furniture.

Bed frame inspection

Gently turn over the frame and inspect the underside. Carefully examine screws and nail holes. Remove and inspect the headboard. Check along the joints on the headboard and on the wall behind the headboard. Dismantle the bed and check between joints because the pests are difficult to control it is important to do regular Bed Bug Inspection.

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